Interview with Jennifer Zimmer

Number of Children: 4 (pregnant with #5)
Ages/Grades of Children:
3 (preschool), 8 (3rd grade), 12 (7th grade), 15 (10th grade)
Location: Kansas

Why and when did you decide to homeschool your children?

My Husband and I had talked about homeschooling our children for a couple of years, we were becoming more and more discouraged and disappointed with our public school. We finally decided to take the leap and homeschool 3 years ago.

What’s your goal as a home educator?

To provide the best school experience for each of my children based on their educational needs.

How has homeschooling changed you?

When my children were in public school I wasn’t involved in their educational needs, the school determined what they learned and when. Now that we homeschool I’m the one deciding how/what/when they learn about different subjects. My 3rd grader wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn a foreign language at such a young age in public school, we are currently learning Latin together.

Who do you turn to when you need homeschooling advice? Why?

I have a few friends who homeschool and have for many years, if I’m having a difficult time or have questions I turn to them and their wisdom.

What do you find most difficult about homeschooling?

Keeping track of where each child is in their studies, especially the older boys who work independently.

How do your children feel about being homeschooled?

My children LOVE being homeschooled! My oldest dreaded school before, he dealt with bullying for a couple of years, now he can concentrate on schoolwork and not worry about other kids being mean to him. My youngest boy has really enjoyed the one-on-one time with me.

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