Interview with Leatrice Priest

Age: 34
Ages of Children: 3 & 5
Location: North Carolina

Why and when did you decide to homeschool your children?

Our oldest son has a diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Disorder) and we did not feel at the time that the school system was understanding of the specific needs and requirements necessary for him to enjoy and succeed in a traditional classroom. My husband also had very strong feelings about the amount of exposure we introduced our children to. He specifically was more concerned with the timing of exposure and how soon was too soon for topics that we simply could not shield them from when away from our care. Our primary goal was to create a love for learning and curiosity in our children. We desire to create an environment that is holistic, engaging, and intentional for our children. Learning exists in every moment!

What’s your proudest homeschool moment?

When our oldest son wrote me a letter! I was becoming frustrated with whether I was focused on the right methods to help him with letter recognition and he solidified that our homeschool is student led.

What would you say to someone who may be contemplating homeschooling?

The timing is never right and you’ll never have enough money. If it’s on your heart, do it! The homeschool community at large has so many resources to help just about any type of family be successful!

What’s the best homeschooling advice you’ve ever received?

Never feel like you can’t because you can. You were given these children to be their nurturer and to bring them up in a way that is pleasing to the Creator. He will equip your every need.

How has homeschooling benefited your family?

We have been able to benefit from the time we have together. Life can be so fast paced and we have been able to check out and refocus whenever we feel things are out of balance. We slow down more and try not to rush through the moments. We focus on what is important to our family first and fill in the outside factors as needed.

Who do you turn to when you need homeschooling advice? Why?

I actually choose to pray about it. I have found that when I come to a situation in which I feel unsure, prayer centers my thoughts. Also, I figure if it works why change it!

More about Leatrice:

Leatrice is a SAHM and Civic Volunteer

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