Interview with Kevin and Ta’Neisha Kemp

Ages: 34 & 34
Ages/Grades of Children: 8/3rd, 2/Preschool, 18 months
Location: Texas

Why and when did you decide to homeschool your children?

Homeschooling was placed on my heart in 2012 while researching the public education system and trying to choose the school where our oldest would attend kindergarten.  I mentioned it to my husband and he gave the go ahead to look into homeschool as an option.  Days later, while listening to a sermon, we heard the pastor mention information for a family in the church that helped others with homeschooling.  After speaking with them and much prayer, we received further confirmation by randomly connecting with people that were also home educators, along with the testimonies of several homeschool graduates.   We decided to try kindergarten and Team Kemp Academy has been going strong ever since.

Describe your homeschool in three words.

I asked our oldest student to help out with this question and he responded “awesome, fantastic, and family.” My husband, Kevin, describes our home academy as innovative, relaxed, and fun.  I think they are both right and I will add laughter, because we do that often.


Who do you turn to when you need homeschooling advice? Why?

I have met various homeschool moms, mostly at the local library, and they are great to call on for advice.  We have also created a Facebook group so we can post questions, help each other, and attend field trips together.  In addition, most of my close friends are educators or in administration at nearby school districts, so they have been great sounding boards and support for us on this journey.  Among them, the best advice I’ve ever received is to make time to create lessons based on each child’s learning style and that “everything is a cinch, inch by inch,” which reminds me to be patient.

Which Bible verse helps you most with homeschooling? How?

Psalms 127 has been great encouragement in this journey because verses 3-5 remind us that our children are precious gifts, great weapons when trained in the way of God, and we are blessed to have them.  Philippians 4:6-7 gives wonderful encouragement to pray first, because nothing should be rushed into or worried about when a few moments with God will provide perfect peace.

What was your biggest misconception about homeschooling prior to becoming a home educator?

Prior to taking this journey, I assumed homeschoolers were weird, probably just read books all day, and never left their house.  It is crazy to form your opinion on stereotypes but, I did.  On the other side, I realize that Team KEMP is quite weird, as in fantastic and occasionally bizarre.  I’ve noticed that we do read, A LOT.  However, I wish we would stay home more because some days we are going nonstop and have school in the car.

Which resources or curricula have been most beneficial to your homeschool?

I love the A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner because it keeps a schedule and records for multiple children.  This planner has been great in helping me stay organized and the scriptures throughout are always right on time when I need encouragement.  The local library has been wonderful for us because they now offer weekly homeschool classes for FREE.  Our oldest enjoys the homeschool coding and STEAM Science classes while our younger two participate in story time. Lastly, Dollar Tree is a phenomenal place to find educational items and curriculum for only $1.00.  Most of our posters, worksheets, flash cards, writing prompt pages have come from their shelves.

What is your favorite subject to teach? Why?

I love to teach Math and enjoy our daily Bible study time; however, recently my favorite subject to teach has been Science.  In the past I’ve felt so intimidated by teaching this subject but after some research, we changed our style to an experiment focused curriculum and it has been wonderful.  We love using Magic School Bus Science Club kits, Mystery Science website, and WhizKidScience on YouTube for our lessons.  We spend 2-4 weeks focusing on a concept with experiments on Wednesdays and STEAM focused projects on Fridays.

How can we connect with you?


Youtube: married2kdk

Twitter: @married2kdk

Instagram: @married2kdk

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