Interview with Tanisha Armstrong

Age: 44
Ages of Children: 3 homeschoolers (ages 8, 10 and 14) and 2 adults
Location: Salisbury, Maryland

Why and when did you decide to homeschool your children?

Public school was not giving them the freedom to do what they love, class sizes were too large, what they were learning wasn’t what we felt was all we wanted them to learn, and the new “standards” including excessive testing wasn’t what we wanted to subject them to.

How has homeschooling benefited your family?

We have more time together, the children help and encourage one another, we can have fun and it’s still considered learning.

Which quote helps you most with homeschooling?

There is no such thing as a one size fits all education.

How has your homeschooling approach changed since you began?

I don’t focus on standards or aligning what we are doing with their “grade” in public school. We work toward mastery and an ability to truly understand what is being studied and how to apply it. That means we revisit things. I strive for “deep and wide” understanding of varying subjects.

Describe your homeschool in three words.

Eclectic, family, passions

What would you say to someone who may be contemplating homeschooling?

Make it work for you. There’s no specific philosophy that has to be followed.

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