We are a community of homeschoolers, dedicated to making each other stronger.

Homeschool Strong™ provides encouragement through Bible-based devotions, interviews and personal stories, learning ideas, discussions, and more.

We are also a place of connection for homeschool students. Students can participate in our penpal club, career exploration program, and be featured on The Homeschool Spotlight.

Why Homeschool Strong?

“…parent-led home-based education…may be the fastest-growing form of education in the United States. Home-based education has also been growing around the world in many other nations (e.g., Australia, Canada, France, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and the United Kingdom).” -Brian D. Ray, Ph.D., National Home Education Research Institute

Although home-based education is growing rapidly, many parents still struggle to find encouragement and support.

What Does It Mean to Homeschool Strong?

To homeschool strong means to provide (or receive) a quality home-based education with confidence that arises from believing you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. (Phillippians 4:13)

How can I join the Homeschool Strong community?

Join our mailing list. Click here to share your story. Submit articles and ideas. Join discussions.

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